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I’m a electronic music producer from Poland. My music is a combination of classic, electronic sounds with modern trance and electronica. Electronic sounds are a part of my life since my birth beacuse of my parents who listened the music of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis when I couldn’t walk yet and I think that’s where my love for electronic music came from. When I was 10 years old I went to music school to learn to play piano and music theory. In the following years I learned the secrets of electronic music production.

My first electronic mini album was released in 2013 – it’s called Ocean Rain EP. In 2015 I’ve remixed the main theme of Interstellar movie in unique slow-trance style which now have over 8 million views on youtube. In the following years I’ve released several remixes and singles. In 2018 I’ve released electronic tracks called Nightwalk and Desert Of Lost Souls which were very well received by the listeners. I also love to play music live using all my equipment and recording live videos. My youtube channel has over 22 million views and over 65 thousand fans all over the world.

So here I am 🙂 Enjoy my music!

With love, Madis.